Kavor is made up of 3 large islands about the size of japans Hokkaido island and a few dozen smaller islands.

Main Islands

  1. Kavrin (where the campaign begins)
  2. Fimga
  3. Rocmoor

Most of Kavor’s population is either human or elves. In the larger port cities you can find a large range of races. A few of the smaller islands are hone to only savage races who frequently raid ships in the surrounding seas, and small fishing villages.

The Nation of Kavor is subject to severe tropical storms and hurricanes. During major storms the intelligent races including most of the savage races will set aside their differences to take shelter and help each other survive the storm. No one need to follow this rule but intelligent beings understand that their chances of surviving are much higher if they work together. All one needs to do is ask to work together during a storm and most will agree.


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